1975 - 1978Training as a mechanical engineer in special machine construction
1979 - 1980Working in the profession mechanical engineering
1981 - 1982Apprenticeship in mechanical engineering / technical designer
1982 - 1983Master mechanical engineering and welding specialist DVS
1983 - 1984Master steel construction
1984 - 1990Designer special machines
Wholesale and foreign trade degree Chamber of Commerce in evening classes
1991 - 1999Technical advice / planning / sales of special machine construction in the food industry
From 1993As a part-time job - design office for mechanical engineering
1991 - 2004Traveling worldwide, consulting in mechanical engineering
2000 - 2004Sales manager in the mechanical engineering group with approx. 240 employees
2004 - 2007Technical director and partner in well-known engineering office
in part-time Eur Ing
Since 2008self-employed as an industrial consultant and expert
2016Public appointment and sworn in as an expert by the Chamber Düsseldorf, mechanical engineering / precision mechanics
From 2017Regional office of the VDGS Association of German court experts e.V., North Rhine-Westphalia West: Cologne Court and Düsseldorf Court
2018Certified by the European personnel certification body "EuroKompZert" according to the ISO/IEC 17024:2012 standard in the profession of international expert for the valuation of machines, systems and equipment.